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What to Consider When Choosing an Interior Designer

With these questions you'll be sure to find a designer who understands your needs and your style.

What does an interior designer do? I can create a map for your project from start to finish, by making a plan based on our consultation. This means:
  • Organizing your project
  • Helping you define your style
  • Keeping you on the road (on task and on budget)
  • Keeping you from falling into potholes (choosing the wrong contractors, installer, products)
  • Taking care of the details
  • Making sure you arrive at your destination (finished project), with sanity and money in your pocket.
Do I still need to find a contractor? My job is to work with contractors so you don't have to. If you don't already have a contractor in mind, I can find one for you.
  • Remodels can involve numerous subcontractors. I have references for those I've interviewed and used before.
  • I recommend contractors known for cleaning up and respecting property.
  • I negotiate with contractors.
  • I make sure products ordered get there before construction begins.
  • I call manufacturers when products are late.
What do you charge? My fees vary depending on the complexity of the job. I do simple consultations by the hour, or set a price for a job. More complicated jobs may require a retainer and down payment for making purchases.
What will the time frame for my project be? The time frame for your project will depend on a number of things, including client decision-making and the other parties involved.

I will create a time frame including all foreseeable factors based on our consultation at the start of your project.
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